Get Involved

We want The Worcester Plinth to be a place for people to develop and display new creative ideas.

We have two kinds of installations planned Art@ and Community@. Art@ is work produced by local and national artists and is ‘art for arts sake’, pieces of artwork to make us think, smile, wonder and question. Community@ work is installations on behalf of interesting local organisation that have something to say.

The combination of the two enables us to both represent what is happening in our city and produce new and interesting art for our residents and visitors to look at on the riverside.

So if you curate art, work in educational arts, a local organisation or have an idea for a thought-provoking, amusing or interesting piece of work for the people of Worcester to enjoy then;

  1. Get in Touch – email
  2. Tell us about your idea
  3. Between us we can try and turn your idea into reality.