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Pelicans’ by Frans Wesselman –

Pelicans by Frans Wesselman

The piece is inspired by both the unique arts space but also by the artists love of birds. The work has been created to represent a squadron of birds following the wind as they fly along the River Severn. Built from wooden forms the pelicans are designed to turn with the wind, creating movement and change with the weather.

“The pelicans and their unexpectedness in the city make me think about how seagulls are equally odd residents of Worcester, and how our behaviour has encouraged them to settle in inland cities,” said Oliver Carpenter, one of The Worcester Plinth team. “Frans’s work covers lots of areas and always tells a story. He has been really supportive of The Worcester Plinth and designed and painted the window boards that we currently have up too.”

About Frans Wesselman and Pelicans

Frans is from the Netherlands and is a printmaker and stained glass artist who works occasionally in other projects such as “Godiva awakes” in Coventry as part of the 2012 Olympic games.  Frans commented ‘After meeting the Plinth team I thought it was such a good idea. I originally thought of Japanese style fish kites, but had concerns about their movement in the relatively restricted space. Then remembered the formations of pelicans seen in India and having a eureka moment in the middle of the night on the ferry back from France, worked out how they could be done.’